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Jamie Kimmett - Burdens (Official Music Video)

Jamie Kimmett - Burdens (Official Music Video)

Jamie's Story

A little over a decade ago Scottish singer-songwriter Jamie Kimmett walked into a church in Los Angeles, California and gave his life to Jesus Christ. In the midst of pursuing a Pop career in Hollywood

it turns out the God of the universe was pursuing a relationship with Jamie. 

Now a passionate follower of Jesus, Jamie Kimmett travels the world sharing the Gospel in song and sermon to believers and non-believers alike. 

From songwriting in a council estate in Scotland to writing with ‘TOTO’ legend Steve Porcaro. From busking on the streets of London to opening US arena tours. From preaching in prisons to singing demos for Michael Jackson! Jamie Kimmett has done it all. A soul filled storyteller and self taught guitarist - Jamie’s debut EP “Prize Worth Fighting For” released on Sony Music has racked up over 50 Million streams across major platforms. With his signature vocal tone, beautiful pop melodies & raw lyrics Jamie’s lead single spoke to millions around the world while reaching Top 10 on the official Billboard “Christian Airplay Chart” (a weekly audience of 7 million at it’s peak). Earning a stellar reputation as a live performer and communicator Jamie has toured & opened for the biggest names in CCM such as Casting Crowns, Zach Williams, Lecrae, For King & Country and more. 

While Jamie's giftedness is obvious to many he insists "There is no song or well prepared message in the world that can truly change a person. Only God can do that. Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life...He alone can make the dead live" Jamie's personal story is the dramatic conversion of a young man pursuing the world but instead finds the greatest love of all through the cross of Jesus. This transformation of having his sins forgiven led him to turn down a Major label record deal and follow Gods plan for his life instead. Jamie studied Music at the Ian Tomlin School of Music in Edinburgh, Scotland & Bible Exposition at the “Cornhill Training Course” in London, England with the Proclamation Trust and has preached in many settings. 

He shares "The greatest advice i was ever given was from an old man who served the Lord faithfully for many years in a wee village in Scotland..he told me "read the Bible and do what it says" this has become my life's goal and is the foundation for my music & ministry. 

Jamie is known for his Scottish accent, sense of humor and boldness for the Gospel. He has a big heart for others and each live event is full of fun, authenticity, and clear bible teaching. Jamie's passion for God is infectious and his guitar work, vocals & storytelling an experience like no other. 



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